Here at OpsCombinator, we’re obsessed with continuous improvement in operations. Specifically for mid sized growth companies.

What does that even mean? Great question, glad you asked!

Let’s start with defining a couple things;

Operations: The set of tasks, work flows, and steps taken to deliver value to a paying customer. It’s all the internal work you do.

Combinator: This term is from Computer Science. In Computer Science there is a thing called a Y-Combinator, which is a program that works on other programs. We’re a company that operates on other companies, so we stole borrowed the term.

OpsCombinator is like a business doctor. We observe and learn about your company with a few goals;

  • Eliminate waste (read more on waste here)
  • Standardize operations so they can be improved over time
  • Implement long lasting structure to drive future changes

So are you a consultant?

For the sake of simplicity, yes. OpsCombinator goes beyond just writing fancy reports full of jargon that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, though. We aim for 100% satisfaction, long lasting relationships, and full implementation of any strategy we identify.

What’s a mid size growth company? Another great question.

A mid size growth company is a one with 15-80 employees, $3MM-$50MM in revenue, and growth of 25% or more over the last 18 months. Sure, there is some flexibility there, so it might be helpful to eliminate a few options.

OpsCombinator is not for;

  • Companies with under 15 employees
  • Companies with under $2MM in yearly revenue
  • Companies that have not grown in the last 6 months
  • Companies with more than 100 people
  • Companies with over $100MM in revenue

Why discount small and large companies?

To focus. Small companies often have more down time than up time. Being idle is not something we try to change. If your business needs more sales, we’d encourage your team to spend time taking sales courses, reading, or watching sales content online. On the other hand, bigger companies have more moving parts, require longer projects, and often have needs beyond what we can serve at this time. We plan to grow internally and once we reach a point with more person-power, we’ll be able to help with larger organizations. And, to be honest, installing improvements in large companies is more about changing culture and behavior than finding solutions. We have yet to find out how to change culture.

How do you work?

See here for a detailed description of the tools and methods we use.

What drives your decision making?

Some of the things we value here are;

  • Listen first
  • Empathize
  • Honesty
  • Long-term thinking
  • People first problem solving

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