Hey, I’m Quinn

I believe we can use business as a medium to make the world a better place. We (humans) made up all the rules we play by and I think we can do better.

OpsCombinator is a play on the name of the wildly success startup program, Y Combinator. In the world of software engineering, a Y combinator is a program that can call and run other software programs. An operation (e.g. business) that can call on other operations to run better, then, is what I call an OpsCombinator. My business is helping your business do better. This site serves as a resting place for tools, blogs, essays and ideas that can be copied and pasted into your organization.

I’m a business engineer, a team builder, a writer and a hopeful athlete. For those curious what a business engineer does, I put all that information in an easily digestible book, The Pocket Guide To Making Stuff Better. There are excepts all over this site as well that break down the tools one might use to make a business better.

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