Parity For Charity

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Giving is a necessary part of being alive. Contributing to your community, family, and those around you creates better relationships, builds trust, feels good, and helps create a foundation for others to stand on. A simple system to give regularly makes this a breeze. Here’s how I’ve been doing it;

I’m of the view that alcohol, as a beverage, is basically useless. Beer, wine, cider, liquor- all of them could go away forever and I would be okay. That said, I drink alcohol and suspect that is the case for most people. To reconcile these incongruencies, I devised a method known as parity for charity. The idea is simple- 

For every dollar spent on alcohol, donate an equivalent amount to the charity of your choice. 

After a bit of research, my choice is Charity Water. They have a track record of using a high percentage of their donations directly for improving water access (as opposed to paying high salaries). Alcohol is not required for survival (medical needs aside), but water is. The dollar amount spent can be tracked with a spreadsheet or note taking app. The donations can be made as you see fit, but quarterly seems to work well.

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