What is OpsCombinator?

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OpsCombinator is an LLC located in Bend, Oregon. I write essays about the tools from Industrial Engineering and how they can create value for your business. It’s my goal to share information with people across the world that can improve their personal and professional lives. I cover powerful tools, lessons, and business intelligence into a single place. A preview of tools I write about can be seen here.

What is Industrial Engineering?

It’s is the playbook for maximizing customer recognized value. It’s people oriented problem solving. It’s removing waste from systems and businesses. It’s a large toolkit for making things better. I believe firmly in the power of IE and I want to share the ideas as broadly as possible. A history of IE can be read about here.

There’s a saying that Engineers make stuff, Industrial Engineers make stuff better. It’s IEs that transform average businesses into industry leading, great businesses. In my view, a great business is one that can operate with as few hiccups or miscommunications as possible. In other words, it should operate smoothly. I define that as;

A smooth operation delivers excellent products or services, has a well defined value stream, and would withstand the criticism of customers should they see behind the scenes.

Industrial Engineering tools have been used to transform every industry from Forestry to Banking, Mining to Manufacturing, Robotics to HR, Customer Service to Sales, Marketing to Design, and everything in between. Interested in learning more? Check out my email course here

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