Free Ideas for your Biz

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Need to change something in your business? here are a few ideas.

  1. Turn corn hole, darts, horse shores, or similar into a cash prize game for top 3 performers on a given week. In the hole = $5, within a couple inches =$4, and anywhere else on the board =$3. Each person gets 4 bags, for a chance to win up to $20.
  2. Cater meals a few times a month for employees. For remote teams- send gift cards for delivery services.
  3. When working inside someones home, wear shoe covers to make sure you don’t scuff up their floors.
  4. When working in someones home or office, do such a good job cleaning up that it appears no one was there. Leave no trace.
  5. Giving a customer a $5 gift card (to a different business than your own) will go a long way. People like coffee, bagels, donuts, etc.
  6. Bonusly is a great way to let employees recognize each other and reward each other with points that turn into gift cards for their favorite places.
  7. Match a payment towards an employees student loans as a sign on offer, a type of bonus, or general good deed.
  8. Doing something for your employees kids will be unforgettable. Similarly, getting pet owners something for their pets will go a long way.
  9. In organizations with a significant amount of sitting time, periodic dance breaks to get people up and moving will keep their blood flowing, their brains working, and provide a quick hit of endorphins.  Play music for the break
  10. Make a sale? do a push up. or a squat. or any physical activity to promote health.
  11. Have meetings outside, on a walk if and when possible.
  12. Build your own welcome kits. If your business offers t-shirts, hats, mugs, notebooks, any other misc stuff in a welcome package for new hires on their first day, consider offering an option to build their own kit. maybe two hats is preferable to a t shirt. maybe a sticker and a mug is more meaningful than a pencil.
  13. Encourage everyone, not just sales, to try and make one sale a week. whether a cold call, a cold email or asking a client for a referral, having everyone on the lookout for new business will yield more new business.
  14. When using project management tools that break work down into individual tasks, set a time limit of 2 hours. If something is longer than 2 hours, there is a good chance it could be broken down further. Having the simplest level of work elements will ensure more gets done, and that it gets done correctly.
  15. Have a “pre conversation” conversation when a high level of emotions are running. Define the terms, listen to the emotion, but note that conflict needs some level headed-ness to become progress.
  16. An internal gym, fitness room, or other type of de-stressing room boosts employee morale and keep people healthy
  17. Create a “only complain if you have a suggestion” rule. Big decisions that affect everyone will undoubtedly have some detractors and people that are not in support. encourage them to think about a solution that works that keeps everyone happy and satisfies themselves as well.
  18. Encourage salespeople to try one new, strange, unorthodox method of out bounding each week. a snail mail letter, a YouTube commend, Instagram DMs, etc. go talk to a stranger in a coffee shop. calls and emails are great, but there might be lot of leverage in under utilized techniques.
  19. Let employees skip meetings to read relevant books.
  20. Start a podcast to discuss your industry, trends, history, and interview top people in the industry.
  21. Spend 10-90 minutes a day interacting with users on social media.
  22. Cut ties with suppliers, accounts, or clients that cause more issues than they’re worth.
  23. Scrutinize your operation from the lens of an investor
  24. Imagine a rockstar was coming in tomorrow to do your job. What would they do that you’re not doing? why aren’t you doing that?

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