Resume Tips; Getting the Little Things Right

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New jobs are hard to get. As a result, the staffing & recruiting industry is a $150 Billion dollar market. From someone who has seen thousands of resumes for roles that pay minimum wage up to $250k salaries, here is clarification on the point of a resume, and tips on the little things that need to be done correctly.

The point of a resume is to get an interview. Not to get a job. Your resume needs to clearly reflect what you accomplished in previous roles, and be a full, single page long. Here are some things to not get wrong; remember.

  • Name, email, phone number and location need to be clearly stated at the top of your resume.
    • phone numbers need to be in the 111-111-1111 format, not 111111111
  • Have a professional email address that is as close to your name as possible. Everything else looks immature, like you’re a student, or like a typo.
  • Formatting needs to be consistent. If using bullet points, align them. One font, no more than three styles and sizes. No typos.
  • Talk about specifics; number of calls made, revenue sold per day in a restaurant, other specific metrics, pending your role(s).
  • Make it easy to read. Business names, locations and job title should be easy to see.
    • Your job title is not your job description. Elaborate; bullet points are easy to read.
  • Grammar needs to match.
  • Limit the white space.
  • References can come later, they do not need to be included. Do have them prepared though.

Finally, it’s important to remember there is no consensus on resumes. Ask 10 people how to build a good one, you’ll get 11 opinions. Getting the little things right, though, is paramount. You’re competing.

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