Your Expertise is a Microcosm

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I’ve played Ultimate Frisbee for over a decade. I started playing in 2008. It’s one of very few things I have done for that length of time. At first, it was an after school hobby that kept me busy. Soon it was how I made most of my friends. Later it became my ticket to traveling around the country. Now it’s a foundational piece of my life – I plan around it, prioritize it, even dream about it. It’s the microcosm I see the world through.

Some lessons learned playing Ultimate that apply in Business –

  • You can start slow and grow into it; you do not have to go all in right away.
  • Be proactive on defense and plan to be reactive on offense.
  • The energy from the people around you makes all the difference in the world.
  • There is a difference between being the best player on the team and being the best team player.
  • Time off keeps the fire alive.

What does any of this have to do with Business? Great question. In the same order as above –

  • Starting a side hustle while working another job is a totally acceptable way to learn about business. You can get to full time later.
  • Defense is generally reactive, offense proactive. Being proactive on defense, though, is akin to mitigating your risk by choosing strategically what to do / not do. Planning to be reactive on offense is akin to having a backup plan ready when things don’t pan out as planned.
  • Ultimate has dual sideline presence that acts as an additional on field teammate. The people around you help tremendously. It’s the same in businesses.
  • The best team player sees the whole picture, not just their performance metrics.
  • An off season gives time to recover and think while not being pressured to act immediately.

Whatever you’re an expert in is a microcosm for everything else.

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