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(make a copy before answering)

Backward Looking Questions

1. What are the big moments, memories, and milestones for this year? pick a couple per quarter

a. Q1:

b. Q2:

c. Q3:

d. Q4:

2. What do I look back on the most fondly that brought me joy? (people, places, habits, tasks,


3. What do I look back on less fondly that weighed on me, draining energy or joy? (people,

places, habits, tasks, experiences)

4. How could I be a better;

a. Son / daughter:

b. Employee / employer:

c. Partner:

d. Friend:

5. What weighed on me this year? What did I learn from it?

6. What am I most grateful for?

7. What’s on my best of list? (books, podcasts, movies, songs, purchases, habits, etc.)

8. How did I grow as a person? (new perspectives, priorities, habits)

9. What were my biggest achievements? (what 20% of behaviors led to that)

10. Where did I fall short this year? (what 20% of things contributed to falling short that can be


11. What were the five most difficult conversations of the year?

Overall satisfaction (1-5) with;

A. Health:

B. Wealth:

C. Relationships:

D. Experiences:

E. Operations:

F. Career:

G. Side projects:

Forward Looking Questions

1. What is my single biggest bottle neck to growth? (what to focus on relentlessly to remove it)

2. If I had unlimited money, how would I invest today to increase time, energy, or happiness?

3. If I repeated my actions every day for 5 years, where would I end up? (is that where I want

to end up?)

4. Am I spending, or investing;

a. Time:

b. Attention:

c. Capital:

d. Energy:

5. Imagine your career is a game;

a. What game am I playing?

b. What are the rules of the game?

c. How do players advance?

d. How do players lose?

e. Is the game still serving me?

6. What could I start doing today to have a horrible year? (how do I avoid that)

7. How am I complicit in creating the conditions I say I don’t want?

8. What is nagging me that could be eliminated, automated or delegated?

9. Where am I taking myself too seriously?

10. How can I achieve my 10 year goal in one year? (or 10x my one year goals?)

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