Create a Hiring Process

However, hiring is difficult and time consuming. There are a dozen or more job boards in the US alone that are supposed to help connect employers and employees, but most of them send resumes into a blackhole. Over a hundred billion dollars (yes, billion, with a b) is spent each year on staffing and recruiting services to help land the right people in the right roles. Clearly, there are some issues here.

Better Decision Making Under Uncertainty

he reason being, algorithms to find optimal solutions rely on the expected value of the decision. It requires assigning a utility value, a dollar value, or some metric to a possible outcome then multiplying it by the probability of getting that outcome. In many cases, though, the expected value is itself uncertain

Smooth Out Operations, Create Flow

The ideal state of a system is that which consumes the least energy. In physics, that looks like the path of least resistance. In other domains, systems that require the least amount of input and resources have the most reliable output in the long run

Define Communication Processes

By stepping back from the discussion and listening to how people are forming their conclusions, better ideas will emerge. Finally, understanding how information is being interpreted differently will show you how to persuade someone to your point of view (or convince you theirs is correct).

Get Alignment With A3 Reporting

the purpose is to ensure rigorous thinking around sharing the most useful information to get alignment and buy in from cross functional teams.

Create a Hiring Process

Looking at similar job postings across companies, it’s easy to see that most JDs are just copy and pasted off one another. The same vague, fluffy language surrounding the duties of the job are used repeatedly. The worst part of fluffy job descriptions